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Tree Surgery

Once you're happy with your quote we'll check with the relevant local authority if your trees are protected by a conservation area or a tree preservation order (TPO). If the trees are protected, we are happy to complete all relevant paperwork for the applications on your behalf before work starts.

Tree Surgery Services Include

Before leaving your site our tree teams will ensure that the job specification has been met and that you are satisfied with the results. All waste and debris created will be transported off site (unless specified) and your property will be left in the condition it was before we arrived.

  • Preventative and Remedial Pruning - Working to formatively correct a trees structure and to slow decline preserving the tree longer.

  • Precision Felling - Felling a tree to the ground in an accurate direction in a safe manner.

  • Crown Reduction - Reducing the crown size of the tree by cutting back to suitable pruning points.

  • Crown Thinning - Removing a proportion of the secondary and small live branchgrowth throughout the crown of the tree to produce an even density of foliage.

  • Crown Raising - Raising the crown height of the tree by pruning lower branches

  • Crown Cleaning - Removing dead, diseased and dying material from the tree crown

  • Hedge Cutting - Cutting back of hedges to a desired point

  • Stump Grinding - Grinding a stump below ground level using plant machinery

  • Stump Poisoning - Poisoning a stump so that it will not continue to produce new growth

  • Tree Planting - Planting trees using correct planting methods depending on species

  • Grass Cutting - Grass cutting using relevant plant machinery dependant on area to be cut

Tree Surgery Consultancy Services

We provide a tree consultancy service to give advice with regards to planning applications, tree protection and any other issue regarding trees. We also provide accurate tree surveys and inspections as well as advice on management and implementing a site specific management system. An initial consultancy meeting is free of charge where we will discuss what services suit your needs.

Consultancy Services Include

  • Tree Surveys - Tree surveys in compliance with BS 5837 recording specific information

  • Tree Inspections - Ground based and areal inspections of trees given with an in-depth report

  • Bird and Bat Surveys - Survey conducted to gain insight into presence bird and bat species in an area

  • Tree Management Plans - Management systems based on long term care for areas of trees and woodland

  • Planning Applications - Using tree surveys and tree constraints plans to aid planning applications made by the client

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